10 Jun 2010

Need to buy PASTRY ingredients???? Where in Madrid or Paris go to.....

Yes, I know. Sometimes getting the stuff you need is complicated. Especially when you've just moved into town and don't know anything!

Here you will find some good addresses to go and get a view of all that's available to make your lovely creations:

In Madrid,
They sell everything you may need; they speak German too (just in case you don't speak Spanish and you come from Germany).

Are you looking for some latin-american product? this is the place to go. They have this excellent "dulce de leche" that you can't find at the supermarket. Many things, good argentine wines; you have to go and see it for yourself.

In Paris,
Mora is the ultimate paradise for a pastry chef. They have all the gadgets and trays and baking stuff you absolutely need to bake as well as a French chef!
you also can place your request on the website and they send it to almost any country in the world.
One more: they have the full collection of Wilton products! from meringue to icing, etc.

This is what I call, literally, "a little bit of this,  a little bit of that". Are you looking for mustard? They have at great price the mustard I love the most: EDMOND FALLOT , by far the best mustard I ever tried!
Looking for disecated "canneberger"? -cranberries- from Canada? they have it. Looking for gold or silver paper to decorate your dishes or cakes? there they are. Everything related to food, additives, chocolates! they have it. Even the most famous restaurants and Pastry Schools in Paris recommend it.
Gingembre confit, fois gras, mi-cuit, Kusmi tea. Name it! I'm sure they carry the product or they will get it for you.
No, they don't have a website if that's what you're asking for.
Located at 58 Rue Tiquetonne - M° Etienne Marcel, Paris 2°.

Interested in books?
Though Mora and G.Detou have them, take a look at
La Librairie gourmande

Need to decorate your birthday cake?
http://www.artgato.com/ is your place! Artgato has got everything you may need. Transfers, colors, sugar paste, flowers, etc.

If you are an actual cook and you're looking for spices from all over the world, go to La Bovida.
Website: http://www.bovida.com/
Only inconvenient I find, they sell the whole pack, let's say kilos... not grammes, ok? so, buying one kilo of pepper of Cayenne.... maybe sometimes they have special offers but, gotta find them.

Any questions?
leave a comment and I'll reach you asap!
Have a beautiful day!!

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